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Welcome to Math 1-2-3®  Specialists in Math Tutoring & Test Prep

The "Group Tutoring" Misnomer

If tutoring can be done in a group, then what does the word "tutor" even mean? By definition, a tutor is a private instructor. So "group tutoring" is simply a class by another name. Whenever someone offers you tutoring, make sure that it's actual tutoring--i.e., an expert math specialist (not a "Jack of all trades" who tutors multiple subjects) who will work with you one-one-one. It's a misnomer to label a class as a "group tutoring session" (a.k.a., "put the masses in classes"). If you want kupit-varifort.ru real tutoring, be prepared to pay a premium. MATH 1-2-3 only interviews tutors who have a math degree and a minimum of five years of post-college math tutoring experience; many of our tutors have 15-20 years of experience. We hire only fully formed adults. We let tutors get varifort their mistakes out of the way while working for other companies. Then, we hire top 1% talent. You can always hire a lesser tutor for a lower price. The choice is yours. For more info on our screening process, view this video.

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Mark Kronenberg is the founder of Math 1-2-3, Inc. Since 1995, the tutors of Math 1-2-3 have worked with students at all levels.

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