We have a requirement that no other company in the tutoring & test prep field has: we only interview those with a math degree and at least ten years of post-collegiate tutoring experience. We are math specialists and our master tutors are the best and the brightest in the industry. While some other companies employ people to "facilitate" the learning process as students work independently on computers, we have a hands-on approach. We only hire true math experts. Unlike schoolteachers or those who teach for test-prep companies, our tutors are always college graduates in mathematics or in a math-related field. In addition, tutoring is distinct from teaching in that tutors never know exactly which questions they will encounter on any given day. We have the ability to explain material clearly, no matter what textbook is used, and we custom-tailor every tutoring session to the student's needs.
Expert MATH 1-2-3 tutors are held to much higher standards than are teachers or other tutors. Many tutoring agencies do little or nothing to interview or train their tutors to make sure that they are experts. In fact, when we grill potential tutors, many are surprised that they are being tested so thoroughly or at all! Rather than "training" in the usual sense, we assess the ability of potential tutors to ensure that they are the experts they claim to be. To qualify to be interviewed, a potential tutor must have a math degree and 10 years of post-college tutoring experience. We prefer to let tutors get their mistakes out of the way while working for other companies. Then we acquire experienced tutors by paying them a lot more than they have been earning. Our assessment process is rigorous. Click here to see the video that describes the MATH 1-2-3 Screening Process.
Tutoring, by definition, is one-on-one instruction and that is exactly what we do. We also offer Calculus Boot Camp.
MATH 1-2-3 tutors travel throughout the NYC area including all boroughs of NYC, Westchester County, Northern NJ, Long Island (including the Hamptons), and Southwestern CT.
We are available year-round, 7-days a week at your convenience. We have conducted tutoring sessions as early as 6am and we have ended sessions as late as 3am for all those night owl college students. We frequently receive requests for summer enrichment. Summer is an ideal time to review the previous year's material. Extraordinarily ambitious students have the opportunity to learn next year's material in advance. Truly motivated students will be able to jump a semester or an entire year ahead of their classmates.
Personal attention helps a student to focus and do his best. A struggling student will be transformed into a student with a strong understanding of the material. A student who is already strong can learn to work more efficiently and to keep his "A" or "B" in the class. There are often two ways to solve a problem: the long way and the short way. For students who are calculator-dependent, mental math shortcuts (MMS™) are a great time-saving and confidence-boosting tool.
Our rates vary depending on subject matter and traveling distance. We charge whatever is the prevailing rate in your area. We do not try to be the least expensive tutoring option. MATH 1-2-3 is a company of math specialists and we charge the going rate for math tutoring of the highest quality.
MATH 1-2-3 works with students at all levels, elementary through college. Learning centers typically offer instruction, geared primarily toward young children, that ends at the high school level. Learning centers simply do not provide tutoring. A tutor, by definition, is a private instructor. Learning centers offer classes of various sizes. MATH 1-2-3 exclusively offers private instruction. In order to qualify to tutor for MATH 1-2-3, a tutor must have a level of knowledge that is a quantum leap ahead of what a typical teacher would have. Usually, a teacher at a learning center is at best capable of teaching at the high school level. A MATH 1-2-3 tutor must be able to expertly tutor at all levels, including calculus, probability, and statistics. A learning center carefully frames the learning environment by choosing the material that it teaches. Conversely, MATH 1-2-3 tutors answer ANY question that the student chooses. MATH 1-2-3 tutors must function at a higher level than teachers do. Tutors are required to answer any question from any book at any time. Very few tutors can function at the level that MATH 1-2-3 requires.