How to Eliminate Math Phobia

Many people have math phobia or math anxiety but there are ways to eliminate them.

Eliminate Math Phobia and Anxiety

1. Start by pinpointing the problem.

Are you really a bad test taker? Were you prepared before going into the test? Anxiety is often the result of being unprepared for true testing conditions. Just as you wouldn’t train for a race by walking, you need to take timed sample tests to become accustomed to the pressure you will face on test day. If you are preparing for a standardized test, be sure to take it in the time allotted. If you are taking a test in school, make yourself a speed drill of questions that are a mix of easy, medium, and difficult.

2. Analyze your mistakes.

Sometimes you can get insight in to the problem by analyzing your mistakes. By reviewing your mistakes you may see patterns that suggest that you weren’t properly prepared for the test or that you didn’t understand specific material. You may also notice errors that are more consistent with fear and anxiety.

3. Practice and more practice.

Take another practice exam and notice your improvement. You will find that after each test, you will become more confident in your ability to do well on test day.

4. Get help from a math specialist.

If you are unable to figure out where you went wrong or if you need help to overcome your math phobia, find an expert to help you. MATH 1-2-3® has experienced math tutors available for online math tutoring. We specialize in helping students conquer their fear of math and gain confidence in their math and test taking abilities.