4 Terrific Ways to Prepare For Math Class This Fall

math class preparation

1. Review Last Year’s Material

Every math class you take is based on material from last year so make sure that you have really mastered last year’s material. If you have holes in knowledge, they will slow you down next year. Review the mistakes you made on last year’s tests. Try to resolve any questions you missed. To ensure that you really know the material, copy the questions onto a blank sheet of paper without looking at your previous answers. Retake your test and be sure to only give yourself the amount of time that you had when you took the test. Check your answers and try to resolve anything that you missed.

2. Preview Next Year’s Material Through Independent Study

Get a copy of the textbook you will be using next year to get a head start on next year’s material. Complete as many examples and exercises as you can before the next school year starts. Once the school year begins, give yourself an advantage before each class by getting into the habit of reading the section you are about to cover.

3. Challenge Yourself With Word Problems

Once you are confident in solving basic problems, go for mastery by solving word problems. For Grades 1-6, an excellent option is the Singapore Math series. For older students, test yourself by choosing the most challenging word problems in your textbook. Also consider free worksheets from KutaSoftware.com. Another good source of word problems for high school students is an ACT or SAT prep book. This will help you keep your skills sharp in the classroom and prepare for the spring of your junior year at the same time.

4. Get Help From A Parent Or Math Tutor

It can be helpful to work with a parent, sibling or math tutor to get ready for the school year. In addition to tutoring all math subjects on all levels, MATH 1-2-3® offers refresher mini-courses to help students prepare for the school year. We provide needed structure, expert math instruction and the support that students need to excel in their math studies.