Math Home-Schooling During COVID-19 Can Be Difficult

What You Can Do To Help

Many students, throughout the world, fell behind in their studies during the Spring of 2020 due to COVID-19 and quarantines. Traditional classrooms turned into homeschooling and students had difficulties adapting to the new way of learning in such a short amount of time. Learning how to study independently can be a real challenge and even more difficult for math subjects. Since plans for the coming school year are uncertain, it is wise to be prepared for future homeschooling.

Here are some suggestions for successful home learning:

math homeschooling

Get Prepared For Next Year By Reviewing Last Year

Every math class relies on knowledge from the math you learned last year so it is important to review the material you covered last year. If you had some struggles last spring with online learning, you may need extra time to review the topics taught at that time. If you had any poor test grades, retake the tests in a timed fashion (ask someone to copy the questions on a blank sheet for you). If you find topics from last year that you don’t remember or didn’t learn properly, a parent, sibling or math tutor can help you relearn what you missed.

Set A Daily Schedule

Students need to have structure so establishing a daily schedule can be extremely helpful. A parent can help you set up a schedule that works well for you. Students often find it difficult to be online all day so be sure to give yourself regular breaks.

Try To Stay Ahead

It is a great idea to stay ahead of your studies. By reading the next chapter before you learn it in class you increase the likelihood that you will understand and absorb the material when it is taught.

Ask for Help When You Need It

Learning online can be difficult and at times you may lose focus in class or not fully understand what is being taught. This is completely normal. When this happens, ask a parent to help by reviewing the material with you or ask them to find you a qualified tutor.

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